Aesthetic vision overcomes life's disorders. You don't need to break your shackles; they fall away unnoticed. Soar on wings of your own making through your own mountain range. Remain loyal to your higher self. The world is lovable when your creative will is free. In most loving constraint, be free. Attain spiritual freedom, which overflows into a great task.


From Chapter 1, On Spirituality, of Robert S. Hare’s e-book, NEW ERA ETHICS.


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Robert S. Hare wanted to write simple, philosophical e-books. He has produced esoteric poetry. Hare’s publishing house is SINGULARITY.

Mr. Hare is seeking active reviewers of his e-books. INTRODUCING: SINGULARITY now offers competent (30 yrs. exp. in self-pub.), flexible services to anyone – low, negotiable rates.